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FISHTAG, Chef Michael Psilakis’ causal seafood parlor meets wine bar, offers a concise menu of Mediterranean-inspired dishes complemented by an extensive selection of wines, beers and spirits. Located on the Upper West Side, the menu is a collection of dishes organized in a progression from light & delicate to heavy & bold, allowing for an interplay between food and beverage. The menu is structured so diners can shape their own journey by their pairing choices. Brackets, prepared by Beverage Manager Gianni Cionchi, group suggested dishes into categories of beverage pairings to accompany those specific dishes. Categories of white wines include Crisp, Steel Fermented, Creamy and Oaky. Red groupings include Light, Fruit Driven and Bold. Beers, sakes and brown liquors are also categorized. Sample menu items that best reflect this philosophy are small plates like Grilled Prawn, Feta & Spicy Chilies Bruschetta with cumin, cracked peppercorn and garlic and Bacala and Skordalia Brandade “Melt” with kefaloteri, smoked eggplant, and tomato confit. Larger dishes include Grilled Swordfish & Greek Sausage with Middle Eastern-spiced bulgur salad and grilled Tuscan kale and Grilled Branzino stuffed with Head Cheese with grilled king oyster mushrooms and broccolini. Unique to FISHTAG is the diners’ choice of having any of the above proteins simply grilled over open flame, dressed with lemon and extra virgin olive oil and accompanied with a warm salad of braised bitter greens, olives, tomato and heirloom potato confit. Designed by Bromley and Caldari, the rustic-industrial 90-seat space evokes the feel of a classic parlor style barroom outfitted with sophisticated modern accents. The front room boasts a spacious black-and-white speckled, granite-topped counter that offers a 30-seat bar. The main dining room, seats 60 for dinner at wood-framed dark grey table tops and modern sculpted dark brown wooden chairs on metal frames. The granite-topped display table located in the center of the main dining room will house cheese, bread station and house-made charcuterie.